Esports organization Fuego signs 2-year deal with digital agency Profound as its digital partner

Curaçao’s esports organization Fuego, the first of its kind in the Caribbean, has grown immensely since its launch in December 2018. It has since competed in professional video-gaming leagues on several international stages.

The effects of COVID-19
The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many industries and Esports is no exception. As people around the world found themselves with more free time, fans were watching more content than ever before and new viewers were taking up the hobby either as a replacement for traditional sports events that had been canceled or just as a new genre of entertainment to consume.

But despite the advantages of increased viewership and events that largely take place online, there were some challenges to Esports growth during the pandemic. Even though the games are played digitally, live events continue to be an integral part of the Esports experience. These events can include musical performances, meet-and-greets, booths for activities and merchandise, and a live audience that adds energy and excitement for both the players and the viewers who are watching from home.

While some of these events have been moved online, many have been cancelled and the online events obviously lack the sales opportunities and extra content that live events have. However, the industry continues to grow.

The future for Fuego
Fuego aims to continue competing in international competitions for professional video-gaming. The organization is also focusing on expanding its hold in the Caribbean, including the ABC islands, and give more opportunities to aspiring professional video-gamers in the region.

The partnership between Profound and Fuego
Profound is one of the top players in the field of web development and digital consultancy in the region, serving clients in Curaçao, Aruba, Bonaire, and Guyana. This established agency will be contributing to its partnership with Fuego through the development of Fuego’s digital infrastructure, use of its international network and partnerships, and the supply of its team of creative professionals.

“For Profound this is a very exciting venue since it is a new industry that is growing rapidly. We can identify with Fuego’s mission and we wanted to be at the top of the design when it came to placement of our company as a brand together with them. We get a lot of energy from these young professionals who are redefining a whole new industry so we wanted to make sure we have the first seat as they embark on this new journey,” said Boudino de Jong, director of Profound.

“As esports continues to grow around the globe, it is my duty as an ex-professional videogamer and now the owner of Fuego to bring the market to our region and give opportunities to our local talents. With Profound being our digital backbone, I see a bright future ahead of us,” said Jeff Macolonie, founder of Fuego.