Announcing the new partners of the year
After a long and exciting year of 2020, despite COVID, Fuego still managed to grow immensely throughout the year. We always strive for greatness, to be the best and to work with the best. That being said, we are extremely excited to announce our partnerships of the year. With a shared passion for Esports, innovative projects and love for the Caribbean, both Fuego and all it’s partners will bring the very best of one another and we’re excited for the incredible projects and achievements we will accomplish together. 

Jeff ‘Rapid’ Macolonie, CEO of Fuego Esports says, “To be able to announce a partnership with all of these amazing companies and brands is truly a special moment for all of us. Two years ago we would have never expected to be where we are today and it’s only going up from here! Esports has been booming for a while world-wide, and 2020 was yet another big year for it’s growth. It is our goal to include the Caribbean and also be able to showcase our talent and with the help of all of these partners we can make that happen. I am super excited about the potential of these partnerships and look forward to what this year will bring for us!

Meet all of our partners here!