Fuego returns into the League of Legends scene joining the Tempest League

While League of Legends continues to be one of the biggest Esports titles in the world, Fuego has been closely watching the development of the professional scene in Latinoamerica. We have been waiting for the right opportunity and set of individuals that uphold our values and share our drive for competitive success. As soon as we heard the announcement of the first Esports League within the Caribbean, we instantly applied. After a long month process of the application, we are delighted to say that we have been accepted into the league, and are very proud to announce that our roster will consist of only caribbean talent! 

Jeff ‘Rapid’ Macolonie, CEO of Fuego Esports says, “To be able to announce our return of League of Legends means the world to me. I personally played professionally in the game of League of Legends for 2 years in Latin America, and always wanted to continue in the scene, and the best part is that it is now with Fuego. Our goal will be to export our Caribbean talent, and most importantly, raise our flag of Curacao one day on the World Championship stages!


Find out all about the Tempest League and watch us play: