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Fuego COD Tournament

Fuego will be hosting a COD tournament! Think you and your team can be victorious? Then sign up your team up today and show your skill!
First come, first serve. If slots are full your team can still fall in our subs list in case a team is having an issue or can’t connect.
Since we will be managing all tournament matters via Discord it is mandatory. You can join our server by clicking this link.


CWL ruleset + GA (gentlemen’s agreement) ruleset.

GA are agreed upon rules used by top pros and should be implemented to maintain highest level of professionalism. (has to be specified, as it is not a setting in game)
GA has to be confirmed with team captains before game starts.

Rounds : Best of 5

Single elimination

Playing with a player not mentioned in the form will result in disqualification from the tournament


Game modes

  •  Hardpoint
  • Search & Destroy
  • Domination


First rounds: Randomized in game (based on CWL ruleset)

Semis / finals: Vito system (map ban)
Vito occurs pre-game with both team captains and an official present.
The lower seed team Bans a map and the other team picks a map to be played.
In following rounds, the rolls are switched.


Dedicated servers will be used during all matches

All platforms are allowed to play.
Lobby has to be closed.


Game day
Brackets will be posted in the “#tournament-brackets” on the Fuego tournament discord.

Be in the discord channel “Tournament Lobby” 20 minutes before the tournament start time.
The moderator will invite you to your match against your opponent!

Please make sure your DISCORD NAME is your REGISTRATION NAME! Failure to comply will get you disqualified and removed from the tournament.


Sending your results
It is necessary to send your results (scores) by picture (with your phone) or screenshot.

Send your picture on “tournament-results” on the Fuego tournament discord.
A moderator will then review and then move you up in the bracket (to the next round).


Need help?
Please feel free to send us a message on the “#help” chat or channel in the Fuego tournament discord.
To participate fill in the following form