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Fortnite Tournament Registration Page

Fuego Fortnite Tournament

Fuego will be hosting a Fortnite TRIOS Zonewars tournament! Think you and your trio can be victorious? Then sign up today and win up to BIG prizes!
Slots are limited. First come, first serve. If slots are full you can still fall in our subs list in case a player is having an issue or they can’t connect.
Since we will be managing all tournament matters via Discord it is mandatory. You can join our server by clicking this link.https://discord.gg/nK7wFA

Don’t know what Zonewars is? Click here to learn more about it! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vl_Bkqx310)

All Zonewars must be played on the Faze Megga Zonewars map (2027-5886-1814). * The moderators will help you get into the map (read Game day). Brackets will be posted in the “#tournament-brackets” on the Fuego tournament discord. The group stages will be based on first to 3 points. First to reach 3 points will qualify to the next round. The Semi-finals and finals will be based on a difference of 2 points after 5 (first to 5 win by 2). Example: 3-5 (win) – 4-6 (win) 6-8 (win) etc. The winner will have to have 2 points over it’s opponent by two.

Game day:
Brackets will be posted in the “#tournament-brackets” on the Fuego tournament discord. Be on discord “Tournament Lobby” 15 minutes before the tournament start time. It’s your own responsibility to setup your match with your opponent!

Please make sure your DISCORD NAME is your FORTNITE INGAME NAME – Failure to comply will get you disqualified and removed from the tournament.

Sending your results:
It is needed to send your results (scores) by picture (with your phone) or screenshot. Send your picture on “tournament-results” on the Fuego tournament discord. A moderator will then review and then move you up in the bracket (to the next round).

Need help?

Please feel free to send us a message on the “#help” chat or channel in the Fuego tournament discord.

Please fill in the form below:

Fuego Fornite zone wars tournament